House Hydrant V1
House Hydrant V1House Hydrant V1House Hydrant V1House Hydrant V1House Hydrant V1House Hydrant V1House Hydrant V1House Hydrant V1

House Hydrant V1


The Aquor House Hydrant is a revolutionary in-wall faucet system that makes access to your water easy and enjoyable. Aquor’s patented twist-lock design prevents leaks, and the stainless steel body protects against freezing. Stop wasting your time at the tap, and enjoy instant water access in less than a second.


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Product Description

House Hydrant V1
Instant, hassle-free water access outdoors.

Aquor House Hydrant V1: Overview

Connect garden hoses instantly.

Forget threading on garden hoses every time you need to access water outside. Just plug in the hose connector, and water turns on automatically.




  • Easy to Use
  • Access water instantly with a simple twist. Connector provides sure grip and easy leverage.
  • Won’t Leak or Drip
  • Patented design uses water pressure and high-tech O-rings to close the internal valve.
  • Won’t Freeze
  • Stainless steel body with rear valve protects against extreme cold with minimal heat loss. No additional winterization required.
  • Wear-Resistant
  • Marine-grade stainless steel endures zero wear. Heavy-duty polymer connector tested to 5,000+ engagements.
  • Tamper-Resistant
  • Bring your Aquor connector inside to easily prevent unsupervised water use or theft.
  • Modern Design
  • Available in multiple color options to match your home. No unsightly hose bibs protruding from your wall.
  • 100% Lead-Free
  • Made from food-grade 316L stainless steel with zero brass components. Absolutely no lead is used.


Aquor House Hydrant vs Standard Outdoor Faucet

  • Inconvenient
  • Garden hoses must be threaded on and off. Compact threads are a hassle to use, especially with cold or wet hands.
  • Eventually Leaks
  • Uses a screw and washer to stop water flow. Enough wear or high water pressure will always lead to leaks.
  • Poor Insulation
  • Brass body conducts heat more easily, meaning standard “frost-free” sillcocks require additional covers or shut-offs.
  • Brass Wears Easily
  • Brass-on-brass connection wears away slightly every time it is used, leading to eventual leaks. Prone to corrosion.
  • No Security
  • Anyone can access your water. Children or vandals can leave your faucet running water unattended.
  • Outdated
  • Outdated design with no attention to aesthetics. Cannot be hidden. Most are available in brass only.
  • Contains Lead
  • Brass that is “Lead-Free” and “Zero Lead” is NOT 100% lead-free. Legally, they can still contain up to .25% lead content.


House Hydrant: What's In The Box

House Hydrant: What's In The Box

House Hydrant: What's In The Box

ADDITIONAL ITEMS REQUIRED: 1/2″ NPT plumbing adapter, teflon tape, Philips driver, 1.5″ hole saw, garden hose
ALSO RECOMMENDED: mounting block, quick flashing, Aquor accessories


Aquor House Hydrant V1 - Sizing/Dimensions GuideAquor House Hydrant V1 - Sizing/Dimensions Guide


Yes, the Aquor House Hydrant is a complete in-wall faucet system.

The installation process is very similar to that of a conventional in-wall outdoor faucet. A typical installation takes less than an hour per hydrant. The House Hydrant can be attached to any type of water supply line. Simply thread in any universal 1/2″ NPT adapter, depending on your type of plumbing (copper, PEX, CPVC, or other). For the quickest and easiest installation, we recommend using the House Hydrant with PEX tubing. With copper plumbing, the House Hydrant’s two-piece design allows for easier soldering than a standard sillcock.

Visit Installation Page

The length of your House Hydrant will depend on your home’s wall depth and clearance.

House walls vary based on construction style, and have different thicknesses depending on climate and materials used. A typical exterior house wall looks like this:

Hydrant length needed will depend on the building materials used. If you have narrow exterior walls, longer hydrants can be installed in corner or endwall locations. We manufacture 90° inlets that can be used in narrow wall spaces such as 2×4 walls, please contact us for details. You can also use a mounting block to add depth if needed.


Aquor’s freeze protection depends on your home’s insulation. The ambient air temperature around the hydrant’s rear valve (where it connects to your water supply line) must be kept above freezing. If you live in a climate with extreme cold, your plumbing code may require hydrants 6″ or longer. Note that the hydrant’s stainless steel body provides significantly more insulation than a brass sillcock of the same length.


Aquor follows the industry standard of sizing by stem length. The total end-to-end length is longer (see specification sheets above).

For proper installation, you’ll need to have a philips screwdriver, a 1/2″ NPT plumbing adapter, and teflon tape. Plumbing adapters come in many forms, from crimp fittings to the “sharkbite” style you can simply push in. Each have their own pros and cons. We like using expansion adpaters with PEX, as they provide a balance of speed and reliability. An expander tool is used to stretch the PEX tubing, which then permanently shrinks over the fitting.

We highly recommend using a mounting block if possible. You want the hydrant as flush against your home’s wall as possible, so a flat and smooth mounting surface is ideal. You can buy one or make your own. If you would like us to offer pre-made mounting blocks or trim, please let us know. See our installation page for more info.

To use the hose connector that’s included with the House Hydrant kit, you’ll want to have a garden hose attached. Otherwise, you’ll likely get sprayed! Water flow starts instantly when you connect, so we recommend having a spray nozzle or other form of water regulator (such as a shutoff or Aquor Hose Adapter Kit) at the end of your hose.

If you want to access water without a garden hose, use our Removable Faucet accessory.

Plumbing codes vary by state, county, and municipality. Please check your local regulations before installing. The most widely-accepted set of standards in the USA is the Uniform Plumbing Code. It defines a set of criteria for plumbing fixtures based on application, use with potable or non-potable water, and possibility of cross contamination. Wall hydrants that pass ASSE or CSA requirements are approved for use by the Uniform Plumbing Code.

The House Hydrant V2 has been tested to meet all ASSE 1019A standards. For the House Hydrant V1 to meet ASSE requirements, a vacuum breaker must be added. Any ASSE 1011 vacuum breaker will ensure the V1 meets all requirements. Use a 3/4″ inline breaker in between the Aquor connector and garden hose, as shown: (see photo).

Any accessory with a standard 3/4″ hose fitting can be attached directly to the Aquor connector, like you would to the end of a standard outdoor faucet.

Y-splitters, water timers, vacuum breakers, and other accessories all work great with the Aquor system. Use multiple Aquor connectors to quickly swap accessories out without needing to unscrew them.

(see photo).

We designed the Aquor connector with the fewest moving parts to be as simple and reliable as possible.

Because regulator valves would be the first point of failure, we decided not to integrate them. For an easy way to regulate pressure, you can attach any standard inline ball valve to the end of the Aquor connector (see photo).

Our Removable Faucet accessory has a ball valve built-in for flow control. You can use it with or without a garden hose.

Our Removable Faucet connector is designed for use with or without a garden hose. The built-in ball valve and aerator ensure smooth water flow at all pressures.

The House Hydrant system should be left disconnected when not in use. It is not designed to be left in continuous use.

Disconnecting allows the hydrant to self-drain. Without draining, the House Hydrant cannot offer freeze protection. Leaving a hose connected in freezing temperatures when not in use may cause damage. Even if you are not concerned about freezing, slightly untwist the connector so that the valve closes. Leaving your garden hose pressurized for extended periods could damage nozzles or accessories, especially if the water inside heats up and expands. Just disconnect and give your nozzle a quick squeeze to release pressure.

The House Hydrant V1 has a one-way check valve in the connector that will prevent backflow. However, this basic backflow protection does not meet the requirements defined by ASSE. You can add any inline 3/4″ vacuum breaker to the end of the Aquor connector to meet ASSE standards.

The House Hydrant V2 has an atmospheric vacuum breaker built into the faceplate for backflow protection with no reduction in flow. The House Hydrant V2 meets all ASSE 1019A backflow prevention requirements.

The House Hydrant is designed to perform best on homes with water pressures between 35-95 psi.

You can safely use the House Hydrant at up to 125 psi. Because it uses water pressure to seal, the Aquor connection becomes tighter at higher water pressures, so no worries about it leaking. However, it does require more effort to engage and disengage at high water pressures. If it’s too much effort to engage, we recommend trying our Removable Faucet for more leverage. If your home’s water pressure is above 100 psi, you might consider installing a pressure reducing valve. Very high water pressure can damage your home’s plumbing and other fixtures.

We recommend using the House Hydrant on homes with at least 35 psi of water pressure. The Aquor connection uses water pressure to form a tight seal, so at low pressures the system can become disconnected with a heavy garden hose. If you are on a well system or other low-pressure environment, a heavier internal spring can be used. Please contact us for details.

We’ve engineered the House Hydrant to last 50+ years.

Built with 316L stainless steel, the hydrant is nearly indestructible and can be easily cleaned and maintained – the only replaceable parts are two easily accessible DuPont® O-rings, each rated to last 10+ years.

The connector is made of a durable wear-resistant DuPont® polymer, and will last years of frequent use. Tested to withstand 200 lbs of lateral force, it won’t break if you tug on the hose. When the time comes to replace, swap out just the connector instead of the entire faucet.

We stand behind every product we make and sell.

Our mission is to manufacture the highest-quality water connectors possible, and our products are engineered to last years of frequent use. We offer a 10 year Aquor warranty for all our hydrants. Polymer connectors are covered against defects but are subject to normal wear and tear. If you’re not satisfied with your Aquor products for any reason, we’ll make it right.

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We accept returns or exchanges up to 45 days after purchase.

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