Ground Hydrant V1


A better yard hydrant. Sits flush against ground for discrete water access. Self-drains automatically when disconnected for effortless freeze protection. Self-cleaning outlet easily purges dirt and debris, requires no maintenance or upkeep. Plus you can mow right over it.

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Aquor Ground Hydrant V1

  • Sits Flush With The Ground

    No more unsightly brass fixtures. It’s a low-profile yard hydrant and irrigation coupler combined into one versatile outlet. You can hide it in an enclosure, or flush against a surface. Safely mow the grass around it without missing a spot.

  • Drain Port For Vertical Installation

    Our House Hydrants rely on a downward tilt to automatically drain. For the Ground Hydrant, we use a stainless steel check-valve to ensure it self-drains after disconnection. A one-way silicone flapper valve protected by a PVC tube prevent any bugs or debris from getting in.

  • Automatic Freeze Protection

    Just unplug and your outlet is protected against freezing. The hydrant’s valve sits below your frost line, and stainless steel provides better insulation than brass. Aquor’s quick-connect makes disconnecting and winterizing the system an effortless task.

  • Pressure-Closed Valve System

    Our signature pressure-closed valve system allows for incredibly long lifespans without maintenance. There is significantly less wear-and-tear compared to traditional screw-and-washer based valve designs. The high-performance Viton® O-rings can withstand hundreds of thousands of cycles with zero maintenance or adjustments.

  • 316L Stainless Steel Body & Internals

    We vacuum-cast our stainless steel for incredible strength and purity. 316L is a marine-grade alloy, intended for long-term outdoor exposure. The internal operating rod is 100% stainless steel as well. We used a weather-proof thermoplastic for the cover instead of stainless to minimize any risk of personal injury from impact.

  • Versatile, Tamper-Resistant Water Outlet

    Ideal for public and street-facing properties, the Aquor outlet cannot be accessed by unwanted guests. The low-profile hydrant can be easily hidden, and the stainless steel internals are resistant to vandalism. Once disconnected the valve cannot be left running unattended.