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Aquor House Hydrant with Removable Faucet

Aquor Removable Faucet

Aquor Removable Faucet

Expand the functionality of your House Hydrant system. Use the Removable Faucet to fill buckets or wash the dog, or attach a garden hose and use it with a sprinkler. The angled handle provides a sure grip and leverage, while the ball valve controls water flow. Made from DuPont Delrin® polymer and DuPont Viton® O-rings. 

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Aquor Removable Faucet

Instant spigot.

Just push and twist to connect the Removable Faucet. In less than a second, your House Hydrant is turned into a traditional tap. Use the ball valve to control water flow with ease.

Aquor Removable Faucet

Unplug for a secure outlet.

Disconnecting is just as easy. Simply untwist the faucet and your hydrant will stop water flow, self-drain, and seal automatically. Winterize your home in seconds, hassle-free. Store the faucet indoors to prevent water theft or unauthorized use by others.

Aquor Removable Faucet

Long-lasting durability.

While lightweight, the Removable Faucet is very durable and built to last. Unlike most lawn and garden products made of ABS plastic, our faucet is made from a high-tech polymer resin called DuPont Delrin® paired with DuPont Viton® O-rings. Crush-proof and wear-resistant, these faucets are engineered to last tens of thousands of engagements without leaks or maintenance.

Aquor Removable Faucet

The perfect match.

Compatible with all Aquor outlets, including V1 and V2 hydrants. Colors designed to match both Aquor Blue and Slate Gray hydrant configurations.

Technical Specifications

Aquor Removable Faucet

(shown with House Hydrant V1)

Available colors: Slate Gray w/ Aquor Blue Valve Handle
Compatible with: All Aquor Hydrants
Outlet threading: 3/4″ GHT
Connector material: DuPont Delrin®
O-rings material: DuPont Viton®
Flow rate: 0 – 6.6 GPM

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