Weather Sealing

Weather-sealing all exterior wall penetrations is a good practice to prevent rain and moisture from reaching the inside of your home.

House Hydrant V2 Weather Sealing


If you’re building a new home, use a mounting block with built-in flashing that tucks behind the exterior siding as a weather barrier. Use Tyvek tape to seal the edges.

Hose Bib Mounting Block with Flange

Photo via: Mid America


Many different types of weatherproofing products exist. Quick flashing is a rubber-like sleeve that helps keep a tight seal to keep the elements out.

flashing hose bib

Photo via: Quickflash


For retro-fits, it’s not always possible to add multiple layers of weatherproofing. We recommend using a smooth mounting block and caulking the edges. You can also caulk directly behind the House Hydrant faceplate for a permanent watertight seal.

Aquor House Hydrant Installation: Caulk

Photo via: 3M