Attach Plumbing Adapter to Hydrant

Unscrewing the rear valve housing from the hydrant body makes it easier to attach a plumbing adapter. Use teflon tape and firmly tighten the appropriate adapter into the hydrant’s rear valve housing. It is a 1/2″ female-threaded inlet.

House Hydrant Rear Exploded View

Rear Valve Housing

Once the adapter is firmly tightened into the hydrant (make sure to use teflon tape for a watertight seal), you may screw it back onto the hydrant body if you’re using PEX. If you plan on soldering copper pipe, leave it off for now – the House Hydrant’s unique two-piece design allows you to use your gas torch safely away from the o-rings when the hydrant is disassembled.

See a list of common plumbing adapters on the “Tools & Materials” page above.