Warning: Professional installation is recommended. Improper hydrant installation can result in water damage or injury. Please read all instructions and warnings before installing. If you are unsure about any part of these instructions, consult a plumber.


  • The Aquor House Hydrant is for outdoor use only. This product should be installed in exterior walls of homes and buildings.
  • The House Hydrant is for heated and insulated building walls only. The House Hydrant can only offer freeze protection if the ambient temperature around the rear valve is above freezing.
  • In well-insulated walls, the House Hydrant will resist freezing down to outside temperatures of -30° F (-34° C).
  • In regions with cold climates, we recommend using hydrants with stem lengths of 8″ or longer to maximize insulation.
  • Aquor Connector must be disconnected and House Hydrant allowed to self-drain in freezing temperatures.
  • Close the debris cover when House Hydrant is not in use.
  • Install the hydrant in accordance with all applicable plumbing codes and regulations.

Download House Hydrant V1  Instructions PDF   Download House Hydrant V2  Instructions PDF  

Watch a House Hydrant installation on the PBS show “Ask This Old House”: