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RV City Water Inlet

Minimal Size, Maximum Reliability

Ideal for campers, RVs, overland vehicles, storage tanks, and much more. The Aquor RV City Water Inlet is the ultimate solution for fill valves or washdowns. Install anywhere as an inlet or an outlet, horizontally or vertically.

Commonly paired with our Double Female Hose Adapter 

  • Easy surface mount installation
  • Rust and corrosion resistant stainless steel body
  • Heavy-duty polymer internals
  • User-friendly and maintenance-free
  • Mounting screws and Removable Faucet Hose Connector included

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Helpful Accessories 

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Double Female Hose Adapter
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Hose Adapter Quick Connect Kit
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Hose Connector Kit - Set of 3

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the technical specifications of the Aquor RV City Water Inlet?

In the Box



Operating Temperature

Operating Water Pressure

Flow Rate

Plumbing Compatibility 

Hydrant Material

Connector Material

O-Ring Material

Cover Material

RV City Water Inlet w/ EPDM Plug Cover, Hose Connector (CN-F-BLK), Mounting Screws

1/2" NPT

3/4" GHT

33-140 °F

25-125 PSI

6.8 GPM @ 52 PSI

All plumbing types 

316L Stainless Steel 

Acetal Resin Polymer

Fluorocarbon Rubber

EPDM Rubber

How does the Aquor RV City Water Inlet function? 

The Aquor RV City Water Inlet is a flush-mounted quick coupler system that engages under full pressure, ideal for campers, RVs, overland vehicles, and more. 

Our unique valve uses water pressure to seal rather than a hand tightened assembly. Simply push and twist to connect, the plunger-valve opens and water begins flowing instantly. When the connector is unplugged, the valve closes in same direction as water flow, creating an ultra-reliable seal.
What are the suggested uses for this product?

The Aquor RV City Water Inlet is a versatile valve. Ideal for campers, RVs, overland vehicles, storage tanks, DIY applications, and much more. 

Perfect as a tank-fill, gravity-fill, city/short water connection hook-up, or washdown. Mountable horizontally or vertically. 

What tools are necessary for installing the Aquor RV City Water Inlet? 

Recommended Tools: 

  • 1.5" Hole saw
  • 1/2" NPT male-threaded plumbing adapter
  • Teflon tape
  • Phillips screwdriver

Recommended Accessories: 

What materials is the RV City Water Inlet made from? 


  • Provides better freeze protection
  • Extreme corrosion resistance
  • Lead-free
  • Sustainable & recyclable

Read more about what makes stainless steel so great. 


  • Wear resistant & UV protected 
  • Withstands 200+ lbs of lateral force
  • Lead-free
  • Sustainable & recyclable

Read more about the durability of Delrin®.


  • Extreme durability & age resistant
  • Tested for 150,000+ cycles of use

Simplify water access, 

enjoy your outdoor time

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