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Sage Green Ultralight Garden Hose

Unbelievably light weight and flexible. 75% lighter than traditional rubber, yet more durable and kink-free. Drinking water safe.


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Maximize your time outdoors with easier water access.


75% Lighter than Traditional Rubber

Drinking Water Safe

Kink-Free & Easy to Coil


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Michael Luksan
ultralight garden hose

probably the nicest hose Iv'e ever owned.

Cory Adams
Great Light Hose

This hose is a game changer. Light. Effective. Easy to maneuver around objects in the yard. Coils up nicely in the Aquor hose rack. Cannot emphasize how much easier it is to wear our garden in our funky shaped backyard.

Jim B
The Best

Bought the 6' as a test. I was skeptical, after all it's just a hose. Just as advertised, and simply the best for homeowner use. I was so pleased I immediately ordered the 25 footer.

Reed Graham
I've tried almost every garden hose I could get my hands on this is the best

I've been on a quest to find the garden hose that will actually last more than a couple of months in the sun I've tried every garden hose from the big box stores wasted hundreds of dollars they're all heavy they don't coil well they fall apart after a few months they start leaking they start rusting they start corroding

And then I came across these and oh my God I've had one of my front yard for over a year in the sun every day and it still looks brand new it's easy to carry around it's very light it's a joy to use and I've purchased dozens for friends and families finally get yourself a garden hose and never have to worry about getting another one again I actually enjoy using it which is a weird thing to say about a garden hose when coiling it up or grabbing it to water plants it doesn't suck the moisture out of my hands and it stays clean the zinc plated ends have held up I wish they were stainless steel but so far I have not had any issues with them corroding whereas other garden hoses that were plated I had get corroded shut just after a few months to a year with hard city water I love these houses I have one in every size and on every corner of my property

keith Kajioka

Good hose but if you roll up your hose in a pot and then try to pull out you will get a lot of kinks