How to: Remove the Aquor Hose Connector Check Valve

The Aquor hose connector has a one-way check valve inside. This valve provides several benefits: Backflow prevention. In the rare event of backflow, the check valve stops water flow from re-entering the hydrant. This prevents dirty or toxic liquids from entering the home’s clean water supply. Prevents sprays. The check valve helps stop water from spraying on you when disconnecting from the hydrant. … Read More

V1 or V2? Choosing the correct House Hydrant for your project.

What are the differences between the two hydrant models? The benefits of the V1 model: • Round faceplate. • Simpler design, lower cost. • Smaller footprint. The round faceplate has a smaller footprint and uses a round entry hole. In certain situations, especially in retrofits, a circular wall opening can be a much easier option. The V1 also has a … Read More

‘This Old House’ Top 100 Products of 2015: House Hydrant

Innovative Outdoor Faucet Selected As One Of This Year’s Must-Haves New York, NY (November 2, 2015) – Today, Time Inc.’s This Old House named the Aquor House Hydrant to its fifth annual “This Old House Top 100,” a list of the 100 best new home products of the year. Each year, the editors spend months scouting, testing, and culling countless … Read More

Water Conservation: Now More Important Than Ever

Walk into a restaurant in California today and you might have to ask for water. The times sure have changed, and water is now trending as one of the top environmental debate topics. In most cases, our individual water consumption has a relatively small effect on our own lives. Our water bill may go up, but in a world filled … Read More

Why We Recommend PEX Tubing Over Copper Piping

Over the last few decades, cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) tubing has taken over the plumbing world by storm. With significantly lower costs than copper piping, as well as a much easier installation process, it is no surprise that PEX has become a viable alternative to the old standard of copper. In this post, we’ll walk you through several pros and cons … Read More

Is Your Home’s Water Pressure Too High?

Enjoying a strong shower in the morning may sounds like a plus for those with high water pressure but the resulting plumbing headaches down the road are not worth it. High water pressure puts enormous stress on your home’s internal piping and is classically the source of plumbing issues everyone deals with. WHY WOULD I HAVE HIGH WATER PRESSURE? Homeowners … Read More