The ultimate garden hose accessory.

Aquor Garden Hose Quick Connect Kit

Aquor Hose Quick Connect Kit

The Aquor Hose Adapter turns any garden hose or existing tap into an Aquor quick connect outlet. Easily connect nozzles, sprinklers, or accessories in seconds, even under full water pressure. Hot-swap between them without returning to the tap to turn water on and off. Easily chain garden hoses together to make longer ones.

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 Easy to Use

Forget threading on nozzles or sprinklers every time, or kinking the hose to stop the water. Connect effortlessly even under full water pressure.


The patented twist-lock connection and twin DuPont Viton® O-rings guarantee a leak-proof seal, every time.


Built with the same food-grade, lead-free stainless steel as our House Hydrants, Aquor Hose Adapters are designed to withstand many years of use.

Connect hoses and nozzles in less than a second.

Connecting to an Aquor Hose Adapter couldn’t be easier. A simple push and twist engages the connector into the outlet, and you’re ready to go in an instant. Easily connect nozzles, sprinklers, or other hoses. 

Water starts and stops instantly.

No more trips to the tap. The patented twist-lock design opens the valve as soon as you insert the connector. When you’re done, simply untwist and go! The water stops immediately, so you can hot-swap accessories without turning the water off in between.

Aquor Quick Connect Kit: Connect garden hoses easily.

Join hoses together easily.

Forget lugging around long, heavy garden hoses if you’re not going far. Whenever you need a longer hose, you can simply add on another in seconds. Keep shorter, more manageable sections of garden hose.

Aquor Quick Connect Kit

Bring it inside, it won’t leak.

Stop waiting to drain your garden hose before bringing it inside. With Aquor, water stops as soon as you unplug.

Aquor Quick Connect Kit

Professional-grade durability.

Built with the same 100% lead-free stainless steel as our House Hydrants, Aquor Hose Adapters are designed to withstand years of frequent use. The vacuum-cast stainless steel body and Delrin® connector can withstand the weight of a car without damage or interrupting water flow.

Aquor Quick Connect Kit

Instant connections, everywhere.

Attach it to the end of a hose, or directly to your existing tap. Use the connectors to quickly swap between hoses, nozzles, or sprinklers. With Aquor equipped hoses, you’ll never need to worry about threads again. We make water connections quick, easy, and leak-free.

Technical Specifications

Aquor Garden Hose Quick Connect Kit


Available colors: Aquor Blue
Inlet threading: 3/4″ GHT (female)
Outlet threading: 3/4″ GHT (male)
Recommended water pressure: 35-95 PSI (125 max)
Backflow prevention: Yes, one-way valve in connector
Outlet body: 316L Stainless Steel
Connector: DuPont Delrin® Acetal Resin Polymer
O-Rings: 4x DuPont Viton®

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Aquor Quick Connect Kit - Outlines

Once you use an Aquor Hose Adapter, you’ll never want to go back to a brass or plastic quick connect again.

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